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Today’s atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is 50% higher than it has ever been over the last 350,000 years, and the concentration is continuing to rise. The excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is driven by fossil fuel emissions and creates an invisible greenhouse over the earth that traps solar heat. This is leading to profound changes in the earth’s climate- droughts, floods, stronger hurricanes and melting ice caps leading to sea level rise. Even so, the vast majority of the carbon dioxide and trapped heat has not stayed in the atmosphere- it has been absorbed by the oceans. How is all this excess heat and carbon dioxide affecting our ocean and the ocean life on which we all depend? (Did you know that half of the oxygen you breath in as you read this comes from the ocean?) This lecture takes us on a journey along interlinked pathways from fossil fuel emissions on land, through the atmosphere and into the ocean, and explores how climate change is changing our ocean too, even at its greatest depths. But not to despair! We CAN reduce carbon dioxide emissions by transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, and in turn nurture a healthier planet for future generations.

Dr. Maureen H. Conte, Senior Scientist, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and MBL Fellow, The Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole MA
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